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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 11, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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next here on "msnbc saturday," he tweeted a 17-year-old but did anthony weiner break the law? that's what police wanted to know. there must reading for some. but do the sarah palin newly released e-mails reveal much? a look at the full-face transplant of the woman attacked by a chimp. good morning, everyone. welcome to "msnbc saturday," i'm alex witt. just past 11:00 here on the east, 8:00 a.m. out west. let's get to what's happening right now out there. new york congressman anthony weiner's recommep is taking ano
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hit. weiner told "the new york times" he was communicating with a 17-year-old delaware teen who became a fan of his after seeing him speak in washington, d.c. the weiner says the exchanges were neither explicit nor indecent. matt, did g day to you. >> good day. >> before we discuss anything else i want to listen to a sound bite from the congressman's press conference last week where he was first asked a question about whether or not he communicated with underage women online. let's take a listen to this. >> i don't know the exact ages of the women and i don't know, if you do, i'll respect their privacy. they were adults, at least to the best of my knowledge. >> in this particular case with the delaware teen, 17 years old there, the police have talked with her parents, also with her and say there's no indication at this point of any sort of criminal wrongdoing. however, the benefit of this being hindsight, should the congressman have not made an
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assertion at all without knowing for sure whom he was talking with? >> well, i don't know. it's a tough one, alex. if somebody -- if a young person comes and meets with a congressman on capitol hill, i don't know that it's inappropriate for him to engage in some sort of a conversation. but it does get -- this enters into a weird era where we're now on twitter. in the old days maybe it was a letter. you could imagine ronald reagan writing a young person a letter. now we have people direct messaging on twitter, the parents likely are not privy, at least at the time to what's being said. and when you look -- put it in context with what anthony weiner has written to other women, at least right now it appears that everything was above board. it's hard to tell if he was sort of grooming her for future conversation or not. but look, the fact is, more of this stuff keeps coming out. so the story stays alive. he may have dodged a bull wet this one. what's going to come out on monday? >> good point you make right
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there. overall, this scandal has led for many within his own party, which is perhaps most damning of all to call for his resignation. there's a new poll this week which shows 56% of his constituents say he should not resign. 33% say step down, 12% remain unsure. given the latest developments with a teen and the image of that, but the fact he's laying low, how do you think he's handling all of this? is there reasonable political strategy saying i'm not going anywhere, i'm not resigning. >> it may be a good strategy for anthony weiner but i don't know if it's a good strategy for democrats and the democratic party. they want to talk about medicare, they want to engage in m medi-scare and talk about paul ryan and instead we're talking about anthony weiner today. a lost democrats around the country running for congress in
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places that are much more conservative than new york where anthony weiner represents they will be tied to him. do they have say relationship with him? have they taken money from anthony weiner, as long as he's in congress and there's a controversy they'll have to answer questions about that. >> matt lewis, good to talk to you, contributor to daily caller, blogger. >> thank you. supporters and critics of sarah palin are going through e-mails with a fine tooth comb. they cover her first 21 months in office as alaska's governor. one more time we head to juneau, alaska, where we find michael isikoff. give us a summary of what we're learning this morning. >> reporter: well, we are reading, pouring through the e-mails. there's a lot to go through. seeing more and more, just how sarah palin was sort of, and her
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staff, were sort of grooming and angling themselves for national office well before she got selected by john mccain as his running mate. there is one i just saw, a little while ago, from june of 2008, one of her staff members had a google alert on sarah palin and is e-mailing palin saying there are two hits this morning on vp buzz for you with john mccain, pretty cool. there's another e-mail in which they're talking about trying to get information about the governor's gas tax proposals to mccain in order to increase the vp buzz. so you know, while mccain's selection of palin took a lot of people by surprise, it was clear that sarah palin and her staff were very much attuned to this well before she was selected. but all that said, alex, look,
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there are no bombshells here. at least none that anybody's found. there's a lot of redactions on things we were looking at, including trooper-gate. this may help palin. look at all at tension it's gotten from the media overt last 24 hours, putting her right back in the national spotlight. you know, just as she was during that bus tour. at the end of the day, i don't think anybody has seen anything in these e-mails that's going to damage her. if she does decide to run for president and we still don't know whether she is, certainly the e-mails we've seen so far are not going to interfere with those plans. >> michael, what about the redacted part, these 2,000 pages there? i mean, you can't get access to them at this point but what is the speculation about their contents? >> right. well, look, it's the redaction
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that do stand out to investigative reporters like myself. the issues we were looking for in these e-mails, the controversies that consumed her, particularly in those last few months during the 2008 campaign are not in here. you get blank pages when you get to the trooper-gate issue where her credibility really was on the line. she was under investigation by the state legislature for firing a public safety commissioner over what was essentially a personal dispute that she was having with her ex-brother-in-law. the state legislative committee found that to be an abuse of power. she denied it. all the relevant e-mails, almost all of them you see blank pages on that. so that does raise eyebrows. remember the context of all this. this all begins because she's doing state business on her personal yahoo! account rather
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than the official accounts. that was done for the express purpose of keeping them out of the public eye so they could not be accessed by the news media and the only way we've been able to get access to these e-mails is to e-mail the official state accounts of the alaskan officials that sarah palin was e-mailing from her private account. that's how we see these at all and even then they have lots of redactions. >> thank you. michael isikoff. the transportation security administration screeners did not do their jobs, 36 workers let go. they didn't notice when weapons were put into luggage they were checking. 36 workers were fired from their jobs that. >> shocked me. as i just said, i thought they were doing pretty good with checking all the bags and everything. now for 36 people to be let go for not checking them the right way, that shocks me. >> yeah. not one, 36 let go there.
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the replacement workers will be hired by the new acting head of security. police are ramping up their search for lauren spierer. the missing indiana university student. there are ten people of interest. lauren disappeared more than a week ago. the casey anthony murder trial has resumed in a florida courtroom. professor of forensic science is on the witness stand this morning. testimony comes after two days of emotionally charged evidence, including photos of 2-year-old caylee's remains. nbc's lea -- lilja luciano is with us this morning. >> reporter: we've heard a great deal of information about the bugs found not only in the trunk of casey's car but the area where caylee's remains were
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found. this dr. haskel testified about the piece of trash found in casey anthony's car. he said according to his expert opinion he found evidence absolutely consistent with a body being there in early stages of decomposition. he also testified on the bugs he studied at the scene where caylee's remains were found. he says those bugs are consistent with that body being there for many, many months, quoting what he said. he said more precisely from june to july, the latest. >> and how is casey in court today? what's her demeanor like? >> reporter: casey's much better, doing much better than yesterday. yesterday and thursday she was physically absorbed. she was crying constantly. at one point she looked like she was going to fall ill. they had to stop the trial on thursday early just to let her go because she was ill. she's looking much better now. she's back to her old self, just
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stone faced. also her mother and father are back inside the courtroom. they had been absent for two days, well, a day and a half when those gruesome pictures we saw yesterday were being shown. they decided not to take part in that. they're back today, a sign that none of those pictures will be shown in the near future. >> okay. lilia luciano, thank you so much. >> thank you, alex. high winds are expected to return with a vengeance as the second largest fire in arizona state history is set to cross the border in new mexico. it's destroyed close to 30 homes, some reports of up to 50 and continuing to force thousands of evacuations. >> it's emotionally exhausting. we don't like to see our forest burn up. >> of course not. yesterday arizona governor jan brewer melt with evacuated residents and spoke with president obama over the phone. the president offer the federal assistance in battling this
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devastating fire. much of the northeast will cool down after a week that saw record highs in over 200 cities. on the heels of that, let's go to nbc meteorologist bill karins. good saturday morning to you, bill. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. the big weather story was the incredible heat for this early of the season. we have cooled off as the jet stream has dipped. it's the southern half of the country that's still very hot and temperatures aren't going to cool off anytime soon. if you're around mississippi, alabama, louisiana, texas, including the dallas area, look at the forecast through the weekend, right into next week easily in dallas. 95 to near 97 degrees, day in and day out. plus, there's a horrible drought in texas and we won't see significant rainfall anytime soon. we're warm as we mentioned for saturday, the whole southern half of the country. the boundary between the cooler nice air around minneapolis and chicago and the hot air to the south is where we'll find thunderstorms, arkansas,
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tennessee, numerous strong storms roll through kentucky and west virginia and up through new england we'll deal with numerous showers. later this afternoon, we'll have a severe weather threat in virginia and pennsylvania. watch out around pittsburgh. you could see large hail and damaging winds. with the next storm coming out of the rockies, around oklahoma city, later today into tonight. the plains in colorado up through areas of montana we could see isolated strong storms. that leaves us with your sunday forecast. the tail end of the weekend. the cold front will be sliding off the eastern seaboard during the day. we should see early afternoon showers and thunderstorms from d.c. to baltimore. philadelphia, new york city, middle of the country also strong storms. you notice how quiet and warm it is in the west. that's a look at your weekend forecast. back to you, alex. >> yes, we do. the west is the place to be. thanks, bill. today's list of number ones with a record-breaking price tag for lunch with one of the richest men in the world. plus lady gaga is making a list but it's not for her
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new this morning, congressman anthony weiner has been spotted out on the industries of new york city one day after admitting to exchanging private twitter messages with a 17-year-old girl. a pack of reporters followed weiner around. the congressman said he wouldn't say anything about the teen now involved in this twitter scandal out of respect for her privacy. he's called the messages they exchanged neither explicit nor indecent. he said he's ready to get back to work. he's made mistakes and has to redeem himself.
11:19 am
joined by pat buchanan and democratic strategiest peter phen. welcome back. >> good morning, alex. >> the chat, pat, with weiner and reporters, what do you make of that, what he's saying to them? >> i don't understand what mr. weiner is doing, quite frankly. there seems to be a compulsion to be in the public eye. by looking at this teenage tweet that he did with this 17-year-old girl, in and of itself, alex, it does not look offensive and it would look innocent if it weren't in context with these other tweets that he did which were so gross and lewd and bizarre. so i don't think he's damaged himself. and every day that goes by, i think his possibility of survival goes. nancy pelosi is saying that his fate should be left up to the voters in his own district. incidentally that district is about to be abolished by the
11:20 am
state legislature. >> yes. do you believe that, nancy pl pelosi, saying let's leave this up to constituents? that means he could have a respectful relationship with democrats on the hill. >> i can't see how she can think that. i wish the guy would just evaporate to be honest. it appears that the most dangerous place to be in new york right now, alex, is between congressman weiner and a camera. this is a guy who cannot stay out of the public eye. and i wrote a column about this about a week ago on the u.s. news blog. >> i read that. >> i said, i don't understand this guy. i mean, it's almost like he wants to be in front of a camera. he wants the publicity. he wants to show people that he is somehow the smartest guy in the room. that is ridiculous. >> is that the kind of guy that
11:21 am
would send lewd photos of himself and tweet outrageous things as well. i know you're not a psychologist but i'm just saying. >> i would think not. he has clearly too much time on his hands, too. i think that what everybody recognizes up there on the hill right now or they should recognize is that it ain't over. we haven't heard the last of this. that even if you read some of these exchanges, that they are gross and my sense of it is that this is not six women. you are going to find a lot more stuff out there. do we really want -- we have budget problems to solve. we have a terrible unemployment problem. you know, we're trying to get our nato allies to take more responsibility around the world and we're talking about this? and he's taking the emphasis on the focus off the real problem that america faces. >> alex, really the question got asked is mr. is dr. floyd when we really need him with this
11:22 am
character. peter has touched on a very important point. pelosi does and we melgsed governor rendell and mccain, respected democrats, former chairs of their party. there's a moral problem in the democratic party, not whether he's committed any crime. i don't think he has, or whether he's clearly violated some ethics rule that's written down. i'm not sure he has. and the moral problem is this. is anthony weiner a fit individual to sit in a community -- in the democratic caucus and be an honored and respected and active member of the democratic party in the house or has he committed moral offenses where he ought to get out and get lost? now, peter represents one view -- one side of the democratic party. i happen to agree with it. the other part of the democratic party and in san francisco where nancy pelosi is, is going to say, this is between consenting adults. what are you getting on this guy's case for? he apologized. he lied about sex, so did
11:23 am
clinton. move on. this say real problem in the democratic party. >> you said it again. i have to take issue with that. i know i'm going to get the tweets and the e-mails alike, pat. you have to be able to turn the mirror on yourself as well in terms of the republican party. was what was that new york state 26 election all about. >> it was about medi-scare. >> the reason it happened to begin with is because someone had to resign. why? >> that's the difference. a republican guy showed himself in his beach photo and he sent it to somebody on craigslist. he was gone in four hours. that is why is this is a moral test for the democratic party. >> a couple other points, there was more to come there, too and boehner knew it and got rid of him. no one got rid of vistter. i'll put the speaker in this. i know steny hoyer has been pushing it hard, others have, is to say to him, anthony, this is
11:24 am
hurting your party, it's really hurting your country and you know, it isn't all about you. it is, you know, there are issues as they say bigger than yourself. so go. >> let me ask you, peter. >> yes. >> steny says that, a lot of good democrats do, you do, suppose you go to weiner and say you're hurting your party and you're hurting the country and hurting our cause. please go and he says, i'm not going. i was elected. i'm going to stay here and go back to my constituents in 2012. what do you say then? >> then your primary him and try to get him out. the thing about this is, this is going to hang for a while. everybody says this story will are be over in a week. it ain't going to be over. there will be more stuff coming out is my prediction. >> for those of us who have read the tweets or god forbid seen the pictures, it's write here. >> i haven't seen them. i'm privileged. >> thank you, boys. >> thank you.
11:25 am
congressman anthony weiner's issue is having an affect on twitter traffic. it's down 30%.
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the defense in the casey anthony murder trial is firing back after the prosecution displayed disturbing evidence to jurors. the trial has taken a very short break after a day of prosecutors taking graphic videos. they were featuring a smiling 2-year-old caylee morphing into a skull with duct tape superimposed over her face. the defense says the video's
11:33 am
only purpose is to inflame the jury. earlier i talked to former prosecutor murphy who says she believes anthony may ab quitted. >> it pains know say this, i've watched this case evolve on the world stage over the past several years. i keep hoping that the prosecution had more evidence than what we had been hearing other than she's a terrible mother who lied and didn't report her child missing which is not nothing, i was hoping the prosecution actually had more evidence and would bring it out in this trial. well, i listened to the prosecution's opening statement and i was devastated. because really that's when they put on their best case, they tell us all what it is they have in their stockpile of evidence. from what i could hear, they don't have much of anything. if that's their best case, the opening statement is their best case she will ab quitted. >> you're coming from this vantage point as being a former prosecutor yourself. let's take a look at the flip side and what the defense is doing.
11:34 am
do you think the prosecution is not combatting well enough the fact that the defense has thrown everything, including the kitchen sink at the wall and all they need is one person to have a level of reasonable doubt and then we're done? >> yeah, do i think that's the defense tactic. it's a bit of a circus and side show and i don't think it's particularly effective. and it could backfire. the defense is basically trying to undermine every little point that prosecution has. they're doing an okay job at it. you know, my concern is that we still have such a mystery in this case about exactly what was going on with casey and caylee in terms of why casey was delivering this child to certain people for certain purposes. we know there was no nanny. we know there was no nanny. but where was she taking her? on may 30th, for example, casey's in bed with her boyfriend, caylee's at this apartment with her and in the middle of the night casey brings
11:35 am
the child somewhere, wakes her child up, delivers her some place and goes back to bed with ricardo, her boyfriend at the time. where did she take her? for what purpose? is that related to the fact that this child is now dead? why aren't we asking these very important cases? there's too much of a mystery in terms of what was going on in casey's life, was there a nefarious, you know, sort of employment purpose behind what she was doing with her child and with herself? there's some evidence she was prostituting herself. is that related to this case? those are the questions i want answers to. >> that's part of my earlier conversation with wendy murphy. this morning, a professor of forensic science has been testifying in this trial. again, they're on a break right now. developing in libya, rebels and fighting forces loyal to moammar gadhafi are back under zawiya. stephanie gosk is live for us in tripoli. let's get the latest on what's happening there.
11:36 am
>> reporter: this is an important development. zawiya is one of those cities where the uprising began. rebels controlled it for a number of -- serious fighting there. eventually pro-gadhafi forces took control of that city. we're hearing they're fighting again, this coming from a reporter on his way out of tripoli on the government bus that takes you to tunisia. this is the road, the only road and the only way out of tripoli right now. because, of course, the airport is closed and planes aren't taking off. the fact that the rebels have moved in there and are fighting again is significant. there's another city where fighting has broken out again as well. the city of misrata. that is east of tripoli. again, on the mediterranean. the third largest city in this country and there, rebels had control of the town for weeks and it had been quiet but now new shelling. all of this comes after nato has been intensifying its air
11:37 am
strikes on the capital city itself. some of it coming just after that bombardment on tuesday which was the largest in the campaign. >> okay. there was a slight dropout there. i'm going to risk asking you a question. are you able to travel around tripoli and can you see evidence of the bombings? have they gotten -- been scattered throughout tripoli or in just concentrated areas? >> reporter: we only get to see the aftermath that our government minders take us to. they have been taking out out to some locations. they insist there have been civilian targets hit. and they tried to tell us over and over again that there are as many as 3,000 civilians killed in the bombing so far. but you know, we have yet to see injuries in hospitals, we haven't been taken to any funerals. we have been taken to locations that could conceivably be both military and civilian but actually we're told stories that don't often hold up under
11:38 am
scrutiny. there's one place just outside of the capital where gadhafi often goes and takes visitors. we were told that was an agriculture reserve, but there were large trucks there as well that had been blown up. and no one in the government that was with us could give us an adequate explanation of what they exactly were. alex? >> okay. stephanie gosk for the latest from tripoli. thank you. victims of last month's tornado in joplin, missouri are face agnew problem. a fungus infection may be involved in the death of three of the injured victims. after the twister eight people have this fungus. at infection occurred when dirt or vegetation becomes embedded in wounds under the skin. some of the victims had to have their wounds re-open to clean out the fungus. u.s. airways is dealing with cancellations and delays after a power outage forced the airline to ground flights yesterday. the outage occurred near one of the airline's data centers in phoenix. the power is back on this morning but the airline warning passengers to check flight
11:39 am
status before you head out to the airport. 24,000 pages of e-mails, later a new portrait is emerging of sarah palin. nearly two full years after the mama grizzly's messages appear online, they end right after she was nominated to be john mccain's running mate within 30 days or so. i'm joined live by national investigative reporter for "the washington post." carol, good morning. >> good morning, alex. how are you? >> i'm well, thank you. i hope you are, too. especially on the heels of reading all these e-mails. anything going to change the opinion held of the former government. >> i don't know a change. some things are funny, some things that are humorous in a different kind of way, some ironic but a more flushed out picture of the person. really what i think we saw looking through these rapidly yesterday afternoon and last night and again this morning, was a governor who was very active and engaged in her work.
11:40 am
but had a lot of the same qualities we saw when she was a vice presidential candidate, slightly impulsive, shoot from the hip, quick to anger, quick to praise. human being with strengths and weaknesses. >> okay. sarah palin praised barack obama after he made an energy speech in august of '08. she said obama did say yay to our gas line. pretty cool. wrong candidate. what did we learn from these e-mails about her take on the president? >> we didn't learn too much about the take on the president. as a candidate she was a fan of his speech and policies. i think as well of sort of the electricity he created just as she has created her own electricity. we don't get a good forward glimpse of that. what's interesting, i think, and what we're seeing as we go deeper into some of the e-mails is that she seem to be more of a reformer and more of a pro-environment, climate change kind of person, worried about
11:41 am
that as a governor and has shifted from that ever so slightly. gotten more traditional and more conservative in terms of appealing to the bedrock on those issues. >> how about insigs into her feelings about john mccain? do we get anything from these e-mails? >> not a ton. not a ton. we haven't seen a lot in terms of that discussion. what we have seen are flashes of her governing style, sort of the way she was ultimately very hard on her staff but very motherly. we've seen how she was a little bit like vice president cheney. she liked to profess to the media that she found reporters and newspapers to be insignificant, yet internally, privately she was absolutely constantly on watch for what bloggers, what reporters, what op-ed pieces were being written and mentioning her. she one time mentions she is just constantly minding where
11:42 am
she would like to make requests for corrections. she's pretty obsessed with her image which is not a shock about a governor. >> yeah. okay. speaking of bloggers, there's one she complains about, an alaska blogger named sherri. she writes about this, i may be wimpy about this family stuff but i feel i'm at the breaking point about hurtful gossip about my family. palin says i hate this part of the job and many days i feel it's not worth it when they have to put up with the hate that spews from people like sherri and there are others, which shows her raw emotion. does that humanize her, even to her critics that she's constantly being besieged upon in her mind and she's reacting like any of us would. >> given the current political landscape, alex, i think there will be critics who say that shows her paranoia and there will be fans and middle of the roaders who say, look, she's a working mom who's struggling with this spotlight that became
11:43 am
white hot after the summer of 2008 when mccain chose her, surprised many in the mainstream media. i think people will pick their own label based on their own position anyway. i do think that she is humanized by these e-mails because, for example, you see -- this is very relative to me at least -- relevant rather. she's talking a lot about when is willow's baseball game? i have to get to juneau's legislative thing. todd, what about this thing with tripp we're going to do? can she be there for a specific announcement about a mining decision. will be able to respond to you about an hour. very personal. at the same time you see how the mixture of her work and family gets in the way of work at times. she's always trying to figure out a new way to bring all of her family along on official business and some critics are
11:44 am
going to really hit her for that. >> i can tell you, though, as a woman and a mom as well with that, i have my blackberry right here. half the time on commercials i'm calling my kids or returning their calls. we all can get that as working moms. thank you very much. >> thank you. read all 24,000 plus pages, check out the link on the msnbc home page or logon to to search the free archives. this modern medical miracle story is next on "msnbc saturday." or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business -- it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities, so we're helping them with advice from local business experts
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an historic new surgery may dramatically improve the victim of a violent chimpanzee attack two years ago. let's go right to latest news
11:48 am
here. got some good news. >> yes, after a couple of years. it was a miracle when she attacked the chimp attack in the first place. the chimp literally ripped after her entire face and both of her hands and left her blind in bothize. a new miracle inside a boston hospital this week, charla nash got a new face. a transplant that had been kept secret until recently. you're watching history in the making in this operating room. the patient, this woman, a loving mother who looked like this, attacked by a chimp and left like this. nbc news spoke with charla weeks before her life-changing operation. >> getting my face and hands together, that would be nice. all in one.
11:49 am
being able to do everything on my own. >> reporter: it was a risky surgery that took 20 hours and more than a dozen of the country's top doctors. >> there should be excellent return of motor function so she should control the face as well as she could eat, smell and the basic functions, express her emotions and feel the face. >> reporter: charla isn't revealing her new face just yet so we're blurring the image. she's still healing. the new photos were taken as her family saw her new face for the first time. by her bedside, her brother, steve, and her teenage daughter, breanna. breanna spoke with ann curry friday on "today." >> how does she look? >> she looks fantastic. you'd never believe something like that could be done. >> reporter: two years ago she was visiting her friend who had a pet chimp named travis. without warning that chimp went on the attack. it was as violent as it gets. the chimp took off her lips, ears, nose, mouth and hands.
11:50 am
travis' owner called 911. >> he's killing my friend. >> who's killing your friend? >> my chimpanzee. >> your chimpanzee is killing your friend? >> yes. he ripped apart, hurry up! >> treatment ever since and will never see again, permanently blind. there are endless obstacles. days after this new surgery, there were complications. doctors had to remove the transplanted hands, but her new face is a life changer. >> the functioning of the face is going to add to the quality of her life. >> reporter: a survival story against all odds. >> charla is a fighter, no question about that. even with complications from surgery, she is not giving up on new hands. doctors, alex, say they will try again for another double hand transplant. but they have to wait at least six months for her to heal. >> jeff rossen, glad to hear
11:51 am
some good news. an moment, a heart breaking tragedy, raising questions about whether a five-year-old can be charged with murder. you're watching msnbc saturday. . [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. at 190 miles per hour, the wind will literally lift ordinary windshield wipers off the glass. so, did we build a slower car? or design wipers that could handle anything? what do you think? the cadillac cts-v, the world's fastest production sedan.
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11:54 am
police in kansas city say a girl could face drowning charges in the drowning of a toddler in the bathtub. the 16-year-old supposed to be watching the children fell asleep, the five-year-old was irritated at the baby because he wouldn't stop crying. the girl then held him underwater until he stopped. a legal panel to weigh in. recommend ee spencer, a defense attorney and former prosecutor. ladies, good morning. >> good morning. >> do we have an idea about state law or is this -- >> well, there's three ways a case can be transferred from the juvenile court to criminal justice. the judge can do it, a prosecutor can do it or it can happen automatically by statute. 23 states, kansas one of them, has no minimum age, so it either
11:55 am
has to be referred one of two ways, the judge or prosecutor. and that's an independent evaluation. rule of thumb, kids under ten are not -- no judge or prosecutor will make, unless it is a violent murder, stabbing, gunshot, would it even be referred if you're nine or ten years old. >> so your take on this. >> five years old. >> with the one important thing we have to remember, murder means the intent to kill. an evil mind. the alternative is manslaughter where there's a recklessness or a knowing disregard to a real danger. there is no way our criminal law can be interpreted to mean that for a five-year-old. a five-year-old who put the toddler underwater could have no idea the consequences of her actions. that's the point. >> the consequence is death. one thing leading to the next. >> our criminal justice system is not intended to punish a child for a mistake or something she could not have known about.
11:56 am
now, maybe at seven or ten there is a different level of comprehension with the child, but not at five years old. >> how about 16-year-old baby-sitter? that's a minor. >> yes. absolutely. >> should the baby-sitter be held liable? she fell asleep? >> if she was on drugs and drunk and passed out, you could say she was endangering the welfare of the child. we don't know what time it was, the surrounding circumstances, if she was impaired, or somehow doing something she shouldn't be doing, then yes, she could be charged. >> there are reports, remi, this baby-sitter was not completely of sound mind, maybe had some sort of handicap issues. would that then transfer to parents? like leaving all these kids in the hands of someone that may not be capable? >> that's a very important question for any parent watching this show. the baby-sitter was in charge of four children, and there are reports that the 16-year-old baby-sitter may have had a
11:57 am
mental handicap. i think parents have to be careful with people they choose to watch their children. that's of course, the most important thing. if there was nothing wrong, if she was of sound mind, falling asleep is an accident. no one could possibly say the baby-sitter should be criminally responsible. >> remi spencer, lauren desoto. thank you very much. that's a wrap. see you tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. i am alex witt, have a good one. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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